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A new venue! Redovan, Spain, 29 March - 1 April 2018, Join us!


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Harper Adams, an agricultural university located near Newport, Shropshire, hosts The Neo Race each year, utilising the college’s indoor soil hall – the largest of its kind in Europe. Next door, the agricultural machine hall is transformed into the Neo pitting hall.

The DXR team commence track construction the¬†weekend before the event, depending on the university’s timetable. The temporary track in its ‘race-ready’ state exists for only four days, as soon as the event finishes demolition of the track, pitting area, race control, drivers stand etc begins, by the next morning everything is gone. The fact that the track only exists ‘for’ the race ensures a fair and level playing field for all drivers; no one having practiced on it and at an advantage – it is a true test of the driver.

The organisation team are able to keep the track consistent via daily watering schedules and sweeping of the racing line, weather is less of a factor than outdoor races as we race under roof and lights!

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